Over the years, we joined with other companies, each with their own history, strengths and character. We have grown from a single application support in a guest room in Gaithersburg, Maryland to a multi state operation that design, develops and supports enterprise solutions for commercial and government markets. Today we are headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida with offices in Washington, DC., Miami and soon expanding operations into Latin America.


We provide services in several key areas of information systems, some of these services include systems design, programming, web programming, technical customer services, network implementation and troubleshooting of Information Systems. Some of these can be grouped as:


Business custom applications

  • Business Application Development
  • WEB site development, hosting and support
  • APP development for Mobile devices
  • Document Services



  • Document Encryption and Security
  • Email Encryption
  • Network design, administration and support.
  • Consulting


Our Focus, we are focused on providing business and professional services that meet our client needs, schedule and budget requirements. Our strong knowledge base, business knowledge, and technical experience are essential ingredients to develop a strong relationship and satisfaction with our customers.