Technical Solutions


We take a “virtual bench” approach to providing customers with the exact expertise and skills needed for a project.  All projects are conducted in accordance with our rigorous quality assurance programs, we take quality and customer satisfaction seriously.  Our flexible approach, virtual bench, and project management and quality assurance systems give us the ability to tackle a broad range of projects.


Information technology is vital to all companies, and rapid and effective responses are needed to help maintain competitiveness. Our team addresses critical business needs while delivering affordable, high-quality software application development, effective database management, and network and computer support services on an as needed basis.




Venteck was established to meet our clients’ needs for affordable, high-quality software application development, effective database management, and network and computer support services.


We started in 1988 primarily as a programming services provider specializing in small projects utilizing relational databases. We later grew to support communications and network infrastructures for Small and medium networks consisting of less than 500 workstations.


Special Considerations


Our approach to project management is guided by a common understanding of the work to be performed and by our quality management standards, which are guided by the industry.


Areas of Expertise


We offer the following services to our clients:



Information Technology Management.

Cybersecurity Analysis and implementations.

Network and infrastructure implementation.

Electronic document and information management.

Systems acquisition support.

Project Management


Technical Customer Service

Web Application maintenance

Technical customer service

Support bench for Websites



Custom software development.

Document Management and Encryption

Client –Server software design and development.

CRM Software development

Database design, development, deployment and management.

Customized technical support on-site and by phone.


Venteck maintains professional partnerships and certifications with leading service providers and authorized equipment distributors in most, software Operating Systems, telecommunications equipment including its software and preventive maintenance tools for LANs.


Database Development


Venteck develops and has developed several database applications for numerous clients.  These projects have included client-server, multi-user xBase, and web-based applications.  Platforms used include Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, MySQL, Microsoft Access, and Microsoft FoxPro.  Other areas of proficiency include ODBC, DAO, RDO, ODBC Direct, OLE DB, CORBA, and ADO programming. ERWIN Modeling tools for Oracle, Sybase.


Software Development


Venteck professionals include software developers who are qualified to provide programming and development for applications using Assembly, C#, C++, Visual Basic, PowerBuilder, Pascal, Delphi, Cold Fusion, PHP, Java and other programming languages.


We specialize in software development for Mobile devices, Android, Apple IOS, Windows, LINUX operating systems, and are well versed in working with the Application Programmer’s Interfaces and processing models employed by these operating systems.


Venteck is a member of the Microsoft Developer Network, which grants access to Microsoft technical development support, new software development tools, and other programming resources.


Help Desk and Office Productivity Support


Venteck provides managed onsite and offsite desktop computer help desks and support services, including customized user support for applications and complete secure remote management.  Venteck is a solution provider for a variety of office productivity packages and services, including Microsoft Access, Excel, SQL Server, PowerPoint, and FrontPage.




The varied backgrounds of our employees allow us to apply the expertise of multiple disciplines to solve technological problems for clients.  Our greatest asset is the diversity of our professionals who include scientists, statisticians, computer scientists, network administrators, and engineers.